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It may sound strange, but one of the biggest problems that newer logistics companies in Hensall face is simply not having the right equipment to get your shipments handled correctly. At Ttk Transport Inc, we certainly don’t have that issue. To make sure we’re able to meet every need our clients may have, we’ve invested heavily in our equipment range.

For starters, at any given time, Ttk Transport Inc has a vast array of different vehicles on the road. From Hensall flatbed trailers to PUP trailers to dry vans of all sizes and specialty rigs for oversize loads, we truly can haul it all. All of our vehicles go through rigorous cleaning and safety checks to ensure they’re always in top condition.

In addition to our vehicles, Ttk Transport Inc also has access to cranes for loading heavy machinery and other industrial materials as well as step decks, tarps and tie-downs of all sizes, and double drops that make arranging your Hensall shipment even easier. With us, you not only have masterful logistics management, but also the right equipment to make it happen without a snag.

To learn more about our fleet of Hensall dry vans and flatbed trailers, call Ttk Transport Inc at 519-524-4331.

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