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It’s not a secret that we now live in a global environment – gone are the days when your business was constrained to stay local in Harriston. Now, the biggest issue is finding cost-effective and high quality solutions to the recurring problem of transport. At Ttk Transport Inc, we have the answer and our innovative logistics ability is the tool you need for managing all your incoming and outgoing shipments.

As global business has changed, Ttk Transport Inc has continued to adapt our logistics operations to meet the growing need of Harriston clients. What started as dry vans for local trucking has quickly enlarged into a full-fledged network of national and international partners for reliable, on time shipping that exceeds expectations every time.

The difference between Ttk Transport Inc and other Harriston logistics companies is simply the range of what we do. Our transport specialists can assist with product import, customs clearance, and port pick-up as well as outgoing shipments to any corner of the world. Whether you’re just starting out with shipping or looking to upgrade your freight management, we can make it happen.

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Ttk Transport Inc is a world-class provider of logistics and transport services to local and global clients.

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