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Flawless Fergus transport starts with the right equipment.

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Before booking your next shipment service from a Fergus logistics provider, it’s important to check out the vehicles and equipment they’re using. Ttk Transport Inc understands that out-of-date dry vans, trailers, and other vehicles are a problem waiting to happen and that’s why we’ve invested heavily in keeping our full range of equipment updated and in pristine condition.

To keep our Fergus transport services operating at peak performance, all of our equipment is inspected and cleaned on a regular basis, including Ttk Transport Inc flatbed and PUP trailers as well as our step decks, double drops, racks, tarps, and curtain sides. By making maintenance a top priority, we’re able to deliver less delays and better service than other local shipping firms.

We welcome all our clients to also perform visual inspections on our equipment during any pick-up or delivery. If you see anything that doesn’t appear to be in perfect working condition, then we’ll get it fixed immediately. A large part of being Fergus’s leader for transport is ensuring that our vehicles and equipment are always 100% functional and ready to go.

At Ttk Transport Inc, we care about your local, national, and international deliveries. Call 519-524-4331 for a full explanation of all our Fergus logistics services.

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